Vacuum technology / milking equipment

Measurement of the milk quantity, receiver unit, milking cluster removal

For more than 30 years now, we have been offering vacuum pumps of the producer Milkline that constantly convinces with its high quality. Of course, we deliver all spare parts – also for products which have been in use for many years. We also have spare parts and accessories for the vacuum technology of other producers in stock.

It is also possible to save energy in the vacuum technology. This is why we offer a frequency regulation to control vacuum units. The control reacts to the respective type of use required and thus saves electricity. The average amortisation of the acquisition already happens after 3 years! Apart from vacuum units of Milkline our product range also includes vacuum pumps of CTA, as they are particularly suitable for the use with frequency regulators of INTERPULS.

Our portfolio in this product group:

350 –Device to measure the milk quantity
353 - Automatic milking cluster removal
355 - Receiver unit + accessories

- receiver + accessories
- safety separator
- milk pump
370 - Pipe filter + accessories
425 - Vacuum pumps + components

- vacuum unit, complete
- single parts + accessories
- vacuum tank / container
426 - Mobile, small milking system
428 – Vacuum gauge
430 - Vacuum control valve
430 - Frequency regulator for vacuum pumps
435 – Vacuum pump oil
437 - Vacuum pump slider

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