Pulsator + milking claw

We mainly sell high-quality products of our Italian partner INTERPULS® 

We mainly sell high-quality pulsators of our Italian partner INTERPULS®. Both the pneumatic and electronic pulsation systems indicate a very high quality standard. They are globally used.

For milk claws we also exclusively rely on the high and proven quality of our manufacturers from the EU. Our current favourites are the claws suitable for the “Harmony TF360” as well as the “CLASSIC300” constructed in the same way as Wesfalia. Furthermore, the reliable “Universal180ccm” claw is still in use.

For the test of pulsators and the acceptance test of milking systems according to DIN ISO – 6690 we offer a test device with impressive quality. Apart from selling the MT52 device we also provide services such as repairs and calibration. 

Our portfolio in this product group:

220 - Pulsators + spare parts
- INTERPULS pulsators (pneum.)
- Adapter for INTERPULS
- Spare parts for INTERPULS
- INTERPULS electronic pulsator
- Transformer + controller
- Accessories + spare parts for electronic pulsators
- original pulsators
- miscellaneous
240 - Pulsator test devices + accessories
250 –Milk claw

- Universal milk claw
- Spare parts for the claw
- INTERPULS milk claw
- INTERPULS spare parts
- "Westfalia" reproduction

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