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more than 9000 products available online.

The Schätz online ordering system offers more than 9000 products which you have access to in your orders around the clock. Our diverse range of products includes e.g. more than 300 different liners. Check out our online shop, it’s worth it!

Apart from our main product lines our product range covers many other areas.

Please contact us if you cannot find the required items at first sight or if you have any questions about our products and item groups.

Tubes, silicone and rubber products

High-quality branded products, mainly in OEM quality … Find out more!

Milk chamber / hygiene

High-quality products made in Germany ... Find out more!

Cool / clean / regulate / measure

Milk tank and milk cooling are very important … Find out more

Pulsation + claw + MT52

The Italian company INTERPULS® delivers high-quality products … Find out more!

Milking cluster / buckets /mount

Quality is also very important for milking buckets, milking equipment and accessories … Find out more!

Stainless steel parts

Pipes, disc valves, screw fittings, reductions made of stainless steel … Find out more!

Vacuum technology / milking equipment

Measurement of the milk quantity, receiver unit, milking cluster removal …Find out more!

Mountings / taps

High quality made in Germany … Find out more!

Equipment for stables and live-stock breeding

Animal chip implantation, calf feeders, calf teats … Find out more!

Ventilation and electronics

High-volume fans, controls and our new electronics range … Find out more!

ORIGINAL milking technology parts

You can order these parts with the ORIGINAL spare parts number … Find out more!

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