MilkoTest MT52


MilkoTest MT52 originates from Bepro AG, Measuring Technology, such as the well-established measuring device Pulsotest. MilkoTest MT52 is the consequent development of our well-established measuring device being in service worldwide for more than 20 years.

This high-tech device of the newest generation is future-oriented and particularly stands out through multifunctional applications (currently 9 measuring programs), simple handling and compact shape. The integrated protocol function considerably facilitates the inspection and service of milking machines and through its efficiency finally saves a substantial amount of time.

MilkoTest MT52 device is equipped to connect additionally two external vacuum or temperature sensors. The internal and external sensors are water and milk resistant. Naturally measurings on milk-conducting sources are performed smoothly and without problems. It is possible to flush the sensors with air or cleaning fluid.

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