The test device for milking machines

MilkoTest MT52

On this page we present the universal test device for milking machines and want to inform the users on news and provide possible software updates.

MilkoTest MT52 is equipped to connect additionally two external vacuum or temperature sensors. Naturally measurings can directly be performed on milk-conducting parts. A large data storage volume enables the data collection of four measuring channels with a high measuring rate for a longer time period.

It is possible to analyse the measurement data directly via the graphic display or through printing the measurement data via the integrated, wireless infrared interface (IrDa). In addition, it is possible to transfer all data to the computer for further evaluation and analysis. A separately available analysis program facilitates the exact analysis. Updates for the device can be easily performed via USB interface.

MT52 - The new future-orientated measuring device for the comprehensive inspection of milking machines according to ISO-6690-2007 standards with protocol features.

Official service and sales partner

for the MT52 MilkoTest device

As an independent sales partner for the MT52 we now also offer maintenance, calibration and more services all around your MilkoTest system.

Drops and incorrect handling can cause damages to the device which may develop into leaks on the housing and thus into danger to the mounted electronics. A regular test of the MT52 test device ensures the recognition and elimination of defects. This test can also be combined with a calibration. 

The manufacturer recommends carrying out the calibration once a year and in many countries it is already obligatory. The DIN ISO 6690 also stipulates a regular calibration of measuring instruments for the mechanical test of milking systems.

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