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Milk tank and milk cooling are very important

In the modern dairy industry the milk tank and milk cooling play an important role when it comes to the storage of sensitive food. This means that the correct measurement and regulation of the temperature as well as professional cleaning are essential. We offer the required equipment, accessories and spare parts in proven quality.

By the way: In order to efficiently lower high energy costs the temperature of the milk having to be cooled has to be reduced already before getting into the milk tank. This can be realised by a plate cooler. With a pre-filter it is possible to significantly reduce the cleaning effort for the plate cooler.

Due to current events: With our tank guard we offer a solution to monitor the cooling and storage of quality milk. Our tank guard can be quickly and easily mounted without having to use a drill. It is possible to mount the tank guard during the normal cooling mode and the tank does not have to be empty. All data are available online and individually adjustable if requested. In case of an interruption or error the tank guard automatically alarms the farmer via phone call or text message.

Our portfolio in this product group:

190 - Milk chamber / cleaning
- Cleaning sponge
- Aprons / gloves
- Open cleaning tank / cleaning
- Heat exchanger / plate cooler / pre-cooling
195 - Milk tank / cleaning 
- Drain/magnet valve
- Tank cleaning pump
- Spare parts for milk tank
- Control for milk cooling tanks
- Milk temperature regulator and sensor
- Tank control
- Tank guard
- Cleaning control
415 –Cleaning of the milking cluster

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