Our history

of Schätz GmbH & Co. KG

Our history

2018 November: exhibitor at the EuroTier 2018 trade show
2018 February: Daniel Wegmann becomes general manager - Wilhelm Schätz approaches retirement
2017 new ERP, CRM and FMS software
2016 November: exhibitor at the EuroTier 2016 trade show
2015 August: We gladly present our new website!
2014 November: exhibitor at the EuroTier 2014 trade show
2014 October: completion of the new extensive product catalog
2012 November: exhibitor at the EuroTier 2012 trade show
2011 January 1: change to Schätz GmbH & Co. KG
2010 November: so far the largest and most successful trade show at the EuroTier 2010 for Schätz
2010 Online access to the merchandize management system for customers
2009 Special photo box to take pictures of the products for the merchandize management and catalogs
2008 Introduction of a CRM system

2000 Schätz participates for the first time as exhibitor at the EuroTier trade show (afterwards every 2 years)
1996 Changing over to a modern merchandize management system
1991 Wilhelm Schätz takes over the management of Schätz.
1989 Rebuilding and expansion of the business premises and storage facilities

1982 The redesigned offices get the first computer with a 40MB memory.
1972 The company moves into the new business premises in Bad Grönenbach / Herbisried
1968 Alois Schätz founds a technical wholesale business due to the high demand for rubber goods for milking technology.

Schätz GmbH & Co. KG, 
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