Our products made of stainless steel

We offer a wide range of different combinations

We offer many different combinations of reductions, screw fittings, pipe connections, disc valves, (also T-bend), tube support, milk pipe filters, and assembly tools. Do not hesitate to ask us for combinations which seem “impossible”!

You look e.g. for a reduction of SMS2" for NW40? Our solution: We have such parts on stock, even as disc valve or rolling fitting. We also sell custom-made products e.g. tank filling systems. We offer all that at an unbeatably low price.

We deliver milk pipelines made of stainless steel DIN 11850 with 14301/14306/14307 steels, annealed (bendable) and polished in many different nominal widths FREE HOUSE from an order value of 800 € net.

Our portfolio in this product group:

320 - Stainless steel parts
- stainless steel pipes
- milk pipe bend
- rolling fitting
- spare parts for fittings
- stainless steel reductions
- T-piece / tube support
324 - Stainless steel disc valves
- disc valve, standard
- disc valve, special + reduced
- disc valve, T-bend
- spare parts for disc valves
325 - Special parts made of stainless steel
- tank filling system
- two + three-way valves
- miscellaneous special parts
495 - Pipe tools
- rolling tools (pipe roller)
- pipe cutting tool
- free-wheeling wrench
- hinged hook wrench (nickel-plated)
- hooked wrench (dark)

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