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Data sheets for WELBA milk cooling thermostats / tank controls

Learn more about the versatile possible applications of our WELBA products by means of these data sheets and user manuals.

Broschure as PDF

Universal milking control "WMS-100"
User manual

Universal tank control "WTS-100"
User manual

Milk cooling regulator "MPR-M"
User manual

Milk cooling regulator "MRF-M"
User manual

Milk cooling regulator "ETM-W300"
User manual

Control cabinet for cooling tanks "MS-5000"
User manual

Universal tank control "WTS-300"
User manual

Tank monitor "TW-31"
User manual

Tank monitor "TW-32"
User manual

NEW - S40 drum fan 

The NEW all-rounder - also suitable for ceiling and wall mounting

integrated switch for 3 different speed settings, max. air circulation 6.600m³/h, 69cm diameter, protection class IP44

  • milking parlour
  • waiting area
  • office / shop

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S40 drum fan

High-volume, ceiling, stable and milking parlour fans with accessories

Here you can download the latest product catalog 2020 for high-volume, ceiling, stable and milking parlour fans with accessories.

... as PDF!

S20 fan

The perfect milking place

"Improving every farm we touch" is the slogan of milkrite / InterPuls. The milking place controller from milkrite / InterPuls fits in every farm.

milking place control
  • Automatic Remover - ACRsmart with HFS
  • Milk Meter - ACRsmart MMV
  • Milk Meter - iMilkNano with MMC
  • Milk Meter - iMilk600 with MMV


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Logo milkrite / InterPuls

Tubes for agricultural use


In addition to our milk tubes we also offer tubes for agricultural for example seed hoses, slurry hoses, water tubes and drinking water tubes.

You can also find our complete product programm in our web shop.

... as PDF!

water tube for agricultural use

Tank guard + universal cooling tank control

The TW-30 tank guard meets all legal requirements as well as the requirements of the leading dairies.  The TW-30 can be easily connected to existing or new milk cooling tanks of all manufacturers. A temperature sensor is included in the delivery (it is possible to install most cooling tanks without additional bore holes).  In order to monitor the agitators it is necessary to grind a special module in the existing activation line. The time-consuming installation of rotation sensors is not required here. Monitoring is also guaranteed during a power failure through standard batteries.

The WTS-300 universal cooling tank control with integrated tank guard and extended milking robot remote control incl. PC interface based on the cleaning control WTS-100-2 completes our product range. Moreover, the cooling tank control WTS-300 is perfectly suitable for the replacement of existing milk cooling tanks.

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Data sheets of high-volume fans

Here you can find the user and maintenance manuals for our high-volume fans

Fan catalog 2020

High-volume fan (e.g. RR120, RR140, RR150)
User and maintenance manual

High-volume fan with blades (e.g. RS140, RS200)
User and maintenance manual

Ceiling fan in stainless steel drum S30
User and maintenance manual

Product catalog 2017/18

We proudly present the third version of our product catalog for 2017/2018. Despite the progressive, digital shift we still rely on our printed catalog next to modern technology in terms of our web shop and online catalog.

Our complete product range can also be found in our web shop. 

Product catalog

Ultrasonically welded milk filters

The first and only ultrasonically welded milk filter worldwide

Unlike the thermal welding methods or adhesive joints our milk filters are definitely 100% free of binding agent. Our ultrasonically welded filter is the only milk filter which is certified according to Öko Tex standard 100. The filter can be used by organic farms without any concerns. 

... as PDF!

Redemption request

In order to ensure prompt processing of your returns it is necessary to send them back with the return slip which can be downloaded.

1. Before returning the consignment have the redemption request approved.
2. Please return the goods postage paid (generally shipments with postage not prepaid cannot be accepted).
3. Fill in all the fields of request
4. Note the Terms and conditions
5. When returning goods from abroad other regulations apply. Please contact us 

Redemption request

InterPuls frequency regulator iDrive

The new iDrive frequency regulator makes it possible to modify the speed of a vacuum pump so that consumption, noise emission as well as maintenance costs can be reduced. Furthermore, the new technology guarantees maximum stability of the vacuum level. 

Product flyer

User manual

Maintenance manual

MilkoTest MT52

Multipurpose application, compact, handy, small and high-performance with 9 measuring programs: MilkoTest MT52, just like the well-established measuring device Pulsotest, originates from Bepro AG, Measuring Technology. MilkoTest MT52 is equipped to connect two external vacuum or temperature sensors. The internal and external sensors
are water and milk resistant. The device can be delivered in different sets with different components, find out all the details!

Product flyer

Installation manual

User manual

Whitch is the right set?

Automation – Innovations of INTERPULS

Innovative products for the automation of the milk production
  • ACR smart – automatic cluster removal + pulsation control + stimulation
  • iMilk401 - portable milk quantity measurement for tie-up stables and herd management
  • iMilk500 - milk quantity measurement (no ICAR) + extendable to the herd management (iMan)
  • iMilk700 - milk quantity measurement (ICAR certified) + complete herd management VELOS + UHF heat identification + Heat Detective + automatic feeding
  • UHF Heat Detective – offers reliable activity detection with user-friendly and intuitive software for reliable detection of the fertilization period. Optimize your success in the milk production and breeding by reducing your reproduction costs. Invest wisely to always know in time when the right time for fertilization has come.
Find out more:

Coming soon Heat Detective Automation

Pipe clamps and more… 

High-quality, reliable and affordable:

Our new product catalog for pipe clamps and accessories 2018/19 includes a wide range of pipe clamps, cross brackets, wall brackets, U-bolts, door latches, products made of stainless steel, products made of plastic, stable equipment, pipe clamps made of malleable cast iron and special cross clips. 

Pipe clamps and more ...

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